Decisive Action

A main screen for the Decisive Action Game. Decisive Action is a serious game that simulates modern tactical warfare at the division and corps levels. The U.S. Army currently uses Decisive Action at its Command and General Staff College (CGSC) to facilitate multiple student exercises during the course. It replaced the Army’s Corps Battle Simulation (CBS) as the school’s major exercise driver. One of the benefits of using Decisive Action is that is can be used successfully at a much smaller level with minimal support.

An image of a Map in the game Decisive Action.Using Decisive Action, CGSC can now conduct sixteen different division-level exercises simultaneously as opposed to the previous single exercise using CBS. Moreover, through the use of a third-party tool, to maintain their common operational picture (COP) while the subordinate commands execute the division plans using Decisive Action.

Decisive Action is also used by several non-US armies, including the Australian Army, for education and training.

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