Lewis and Clark Leadership Seminars

Use of Serious Games

Our serious games are easy and enjoyable to use. They are specifically designed to support training. Decisive-Point's serious game-supported leadership seminar provides an increasingly challenging environment where individuals and small teams can safely practice their individual cognitive skills and team processes under the watchful supervision of a highly trained mentor. To make learning both relevant and fun, we currently use Explore!, our simulation of the Lewis and Clark expedition. During their "expedition", a group must endure the harsh environment, face the unknown, and work together to accomplish their mission.

Experience Really is the Best Teacher

It's one thing to talk about the decisions that you would make while facing a difficult problem, but it's something completely different to make those decisions in a challenging, simulated environment. We put the participants in the "hot-seat." Your group will succeed or fail based on the leader's ability to set the azimuth for the organization, and the abilities of the team to help the leader make the best decisions--at the right time.

Characteristics of our Serious Game-Supported Seminars

- Relevant Our seminars are designed to meet the unique needs of your organization. Before the seminar, we conduct a detailed needs assessment with you to ensure we focus training where it is needed most. Participants are assigned roles, within the simulated team, that most closely match their actual roles in your organization. Our games, and the problems and processes they simulate, provide the deliberate practice needed to improve individual and group skills, and increase group cohesion.

- Flexible No two seminars are alike. We provide customized training solutions to each and every customer. During our seminars, we adjust the scenario, training approach, and pace to meet the needs of the individual and the organization. We often encounter important, unanticipated training opportunities during our seminars and we dynamically adjust our process to take advantage of them in order to maximize training benefits.

- Engaging The professional design and content of our games are compelling. Our clients become immersed in the simulated environments and thoroughly enjoy the experience. In our seminars, learning is fun!

Our Training Strategies

To achieve the maximum training benefit within the available time, we employ four proven techniques:

Deliberate Practice The individual/group continually performs activities specifically designed to improve skills. This leads to a superior, automatic performance that does not require much cognitive effort.

Crawl-Walk-Run We initially keep the tempo and complexity of problem solving low until the group feels comfortable with the training process. As group proficiency increases, we adjust training levels to continually improve skills.

Play-Huddle-Play We pause the Serious Game, as needed, to discuss important learning points. When discussion is complete, we continue the game, or we restart the simulation from an earlier point in the expedition. This ensures the highest quality, deliberate practice at all times.

After-Action Review Maximum learning occurs when all participants actively share their observations and opinions. Our instructor will expertly guide the group during the post-exercise discussion, but the members of the group will collectively identify and validate the lessons of the seminar.

Our Promise to our Customers

During our seminars, we:

- Improve leadership, critical thinking, and decision-making skills among the members of your organization.
- Increase group communications.
- Build stronger teams.
- Apply the lessons learned within the seminar to resolve organizational issues.
- Provide a written summary of the exercise and list recommendations for building upon the successes of the seminar.

Before our seminars end, the participants will have developed a better understanding of themselves, others within the group, and how they can individually and collectively improve team performance in the future.