Municipal Crisis

Municipal Crisis is a prototype, real-time simulation Decisive-Point created to provide civic leaders with a PC-based simulation of various emergency preparedness incidents. Decisive-Point has successfully used Municipal Crisis to train first responders since 2001. Through the development and experimental use of Municipal Crisis, Decisive-Point has gained a better understanding of the nature of civil disasters and how to conduct cognitive skills training for emergency response personnel at multiple levels.

Municipal Crisis is a multiplayer, constructive simulation that operates in real or accelerated real-time. Trainers create various incidents (training events) using the incident editor. Incidents can include virtually anything needed for training including fires, airplane crashes, train wrecks, and chemical spills. Incidents can be broadcast to players using text messages or multimedia files (sound, image, and movie files). Trainees direct the employment of their assets using the simulation GUI. AAR/debriefings are a critical part of the instructional strategy. Users describe Municipal Crisis as an automated, virtual sand table exercise with the added benefits a simulation which can be used to predict critical times and effects.