Serious Game Development

Decisive-Point’s expertise in the development of serious games is incomparable. We have been developing serious games for twenty years. Unlike most of our competitors, the development and use of serious games is our primary business.

We provide our customers with effective, affordable, low-overhead serious games that provide significant learning and training benefits. Our in-house expertise includes instructional design, programming, and multimedia productions. We are the best in the business because we are able to produce customized solutions faster and cheaper than our competition–we measure development time in months, not years.

We build superior serious games because the customer’s requirements drive our design and development and our interests are the same as our customers. Many entertainment game companies use serious game financing and publicity to increase their entertainment game sales, where they enjoy greater revenue. Dual development objectives create competing interests and can lead to the lesser interest receiving a less optimal product. At Decisive-Point, we create serious games first.

One of our other major strengths is our expertise in developing instructional strategies for the use of serious games. This is significant. A serious game can only be effective if it is developed in support of an appropriate instructional strategy that is tailored for each customer. A serious game instructional strategy must facilitate the delivery of the instructional content and the evaluation of the correct performance measures for each of the required learning objectives. To be most effective, it must focus on the training audience, training objectives, and training environment. Our structured analytical approach to serious games design ensures the instructional strategy and functional design are integrated into a single, optimal, training solution.

We practice what we preach. Because we also use our serious games to conduct leadership seminars, we have years of instructional experience using games for training. This provides us with valuable insights that we use for defining the instructional strategy and functional requirements of serious games for our clients.

Serious Game Development