Take Charge!

Take Charge! is a small unit leader training game developed by Decisive-Point to support Cubic Applications Inc.'s SUITS - Small Unit Immersive Training Strategy. SUITS combines a range of effective training tools ranging from web-based interactive multimedia instruction to podcasts, digital training support packages, digital doctrine linkages, 2D and 3D games, automated after-action reviews, interactive video, and real-time collaborative learning technologies. These components work together to enable troops to develop cognitive skills related to tactical situations "on demand" anytime, anywhere - even in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Take Charge!, a multiplayer game, employs an elegantly simple design so leaders can master the game interface within ten minutes and then immediately conduct leader training using short ten to fifteen minute scenarios specifically designed to support leader visualization, decision-making, and communication skills associated with a particular training task. It provides a simulated practice area where the leaders can master their skills prior to joining the rest of their unit within a 3D or live training environment. This accelerates the team training process since the leaders are better prepared when they conduct unit collective training.

Small unit leaders from both the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marine Corps tested Take Charge! and gave it high marks for its ease of use and effectiveness.