A serious game commissioned by the United States Military Academy at West Point to assist students in improving their small unit tactical skills. Decisive-Point, in partnership with Stottler Henke, developed and delivered this cutting edge training solution that includes embedded “in-action” expert coaching, and embedded after action review capabilities.

FOLLOW ME InGEAR is a tactical level, decision-making game that allows students to conduct rapid execution, visualization, and planning-centric learning exercises using a simulated combat environment.

FOLLOW ME InGEAR helps to quickly close the gap between classroom theory and practical application. The game is optimized to teach small unit tactics at the platoon and company level. Using scenarios developed by instructors or course authors, students will learn how to employ fire and maneuver to close with and destroy their opponent’s forces.

A robust after-action review (AAR) capability is embedded in FOLLOW ME InGEAR allowing students to review, analyze and learn from each simulated operation. In addition, Expert Observations are provided to the student during game play; these observations will alert students to the potential dangers inherent in their current courses of action