Defending the Reich

Defending the ReichDefending the Reich is a commercial wargame designed for entertainment. It is an operational level simulation of the epic night struggle between RAF Bomber Command and the Luftwaffe’s Nachtjagdflieger night-fighters during the critical period of 1943-1944. Participants have the option of playing as the British and attempting to devastate as much of Germany as possible, while keeping the bomber and aircrew attrition to safe levels, or they can play as the German, and attempt to defend the Reich’s cities from aerial destruction.

In Defending the Reich, players must balance operational requirements with aircrew morale, training, and aircraft modernization. In addition to planning and executing combat operations, they must also make key decisions about which critical technologies they want to research and develop, with their limited resources, in order to gain an advantage over their adversary.

Defending the Reich ScreenshotDefending the Reich can be played against a computer opponent or with a human opponent via email or the internet.

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